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Levlen tablets are not recommended to be washed down with grapefruit juice or to be combined with otc medicines, which contain st john s wort.

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Some drugs can make birth control pills less effective in preventing pregnancyincluding antibioticshepatitis C medicationsHIV/AIDS medicationsseizure medicationsor barbiturate sedativesTell your doctor about all other medications you use.

BosentanTracleeran antibiotic or tuberculosis medicationdrugs to treat hepatitis CHIVor AIDSphenobarbitalSolfotonand other barbituratesStJohn’s wortor seizure medications.

Frequency not reportedLoss of consciousnessepilepsySydenham’s choreatransient ischemic attackischemic strokehemorrhagic strokestrokecerebral hemorrhagecerebral thrombosisRef]

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