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Through the floxin method, gene trap mutations were reverted and new dna sequences inserted using cre recombinase and a shuttle vector, pfloxin.

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Postmarketing reportsHyperpigmentationStevens-Johnson syndromeerythema nodosumexfoliative dermatitisphotosensitivity/phototoxicity reactionvesiculobullous eruptionpurpuraacute generalized exanthematous pustulosisdrug rashRef]

Postmarketing reportsMuscular weaknessrhabdomyolysismyopathymuscle tearmuscle ruptureligament rupturearthritisRef]

Dyspneaincluding severe dyspneaand bronchospasm have also been reported during postmarketing experienceRef]

If you are being treated for gonorrheayour doctor may also have you tested for syphilisanother sexually transmitted disease.

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floxin otic is intended for use in the ears only.

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