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Tll you doctight away i you hav any sious sid cts, including: asy buising/blding, diicult/painul swallowing, haing changs (such as inging in th as), mntal/mood changs, signs kidny poblms (such as chang in th amount uin), unxplaind sti nck, vision changs, symptoms hat ailu (such as swlling ankls/t, unusual tidnss, unusual/suddn wight gain).

Napoxn is usd tliv pain om vaious conditions such as hadachs, muscl achs, tndonitis, dntal pain, and mnstual camps. It alsducs pain, swlling, and joint stinss causd by athitis, busitis, and gout attacks. This mdication is known as a nonstoidal anti-inlammatoy dug (NSAID). It woks by blocking you body’s poduction ctain natual substancs that caus inlammation.

Liv poblms – nausa, upp stomach pain, itching, tid ling, lu-lik symptoms, loss apptit, dak uin, clay-colod stools, jaundic (yllowing th skin ys);

Ad th Mdication Guid povidd by you phamacist byou stat using napoxn and ach tim you gt a ill. I you hav any qustions, ask you doctphamacist.

Napoxn is associatd with sval suspctd pobabl intactions that act th action oth dugs. Th most common dug intactions includ.

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