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Dutasteride reduces prostate size, improves urination and reduces the risk of acute urinary retention and the need for surgical treatment.

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Prostate cancer Dutasteride may increase your risk for prostate cancerYour doctor will check if you have prostate cancer by doing a blood test for prostate-specific antigenPSAbefore and during your treatment with dutasterideDutasteride lowers PSA concentrations in your bloodIf there is an increase in your PSAyour doctor may decide to do more tests to check if you have prostate cancer.

The man’s central nervous system stimulates the release of a number of chemicalsincluding nitric oxidewhich is essential for producing and maintaining an erectionNitric oxide stimulates the production of cyclic GMPa chemical that relaxes the smooth muscles in the penisThis allows blood to flow into the tiny pool-like cavernous sinusesflooding the penisThis increased blood flow nearly doubles the diameter of the spongy chambersThe veins surrounding the chambers are squeezed almost completely shut by this pressureThe veins are unable to drain blood out of the penis and so the penis becomes rigid and erectAfter ejaculation or climaxcyclic GMP is broken down by an enzyme called phosphodiesterase-5pde5causing the penis to become flaccidunerectagainImportant substances for erectile health.

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