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It is usd ttat asthma. Som bands a usd ttat COPD (chonic obstuctiv pulmonay disas). It may b givn tyou oth asons. Talk with th docto. This mdicin is not tb usd ttat intns la-ups shotnss bath. Us a scu inhal. Talk with th docto.

Advai is not a scu mdicin asthma bonchospasm attacks. Us only ast-acting inhalation mdicin an attack. Sk mdical attntion i you bathing poblms gt wos quickly, i you think you asthma mdications a not woking as wll.

Sk mdical attntion you hav wosning bathing poblms, i you think you mdications a not woking as wll.

This mdicin may act blood suga and potassium lvls. I you hav hat disas a diabtic and notic a chang in th sults you blood uin suga potassium tsts, chck with you docto.

Advai is not a scu mdicin. It will not wok ast nough ttat an asthma bonchospasm attack.

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